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ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS work on a No Win No Fee basis on Road Traffic Accidents. deal with

  • Motor Accident Claims

  • Cycling Accident Claims

  • Passenger Accident Claims

  • Pedestrian Accident Claims

  • Motorcycle Accident Claims

  • Commercial Vehicle Claims

  • Taxi Driver Accident Claims

  • Young Driver Accident Claims


Maxmyclaim will look after you after a non-fault accident taking care of your medical needs on a No Win No Fee basis.


Being in a road traffic accident can be a traumatic event not only for yourself but also for your family . At, our specialist legal representatives understand that life changing effects even a minor personal injury claim can cause, which can result in loss of income and considerable expense, which you would normally take for granted. Our Personal Injury team of experts specialise in not only recovering the maximum levels of compensation but also obtaining rehabilitation and associated support on a No Win No Fee basis.


Where a successful claim is brought for personal injury it will be possible to recover some of the legal costs and expenses from the other party, although in some circumstances this may not always be possible. Our experienced legal team are happy to help you in relation to this.


To find out more on and how we can help click here or contact us on 0191 5630920 We are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

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