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You’ll be seeking reassurance and advice from the onset of your claim.  Here is a brief guide as to how the claims process works.


The time it takes to settle your claim can vary from a few months to a number of years, although we will deal with your claim as quickly as possible and ensure you get the right result.  Each claim is individual. This depends on whether responsibility for the accident is admitted and the nature and severity of your injuries. We will deal with your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible to maximise your compensation.  The more straightforward your case, the quicker it is likely to conclude.

Starting your case

Your claim will be handled by a personal injury expert who will contact you directly to obtain basic details of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident.

We will establish the facts about your case including:

  • What happened, where and when

  • The nature of your injuries

  • Details of the potential losses

  • Details of the people who you believe to be responsible

  • Information about witnesses

We will contact you by telephone to arrange a face to face meeting so that paperwork can be signed confirming details of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident.


We will need to establish who is responsible for the accident. If liability is denied, we will require further evidence such as Police Report, CCTV footage, witness statements, vehicle damage reports to widen our investigations further.


Medical Evidence

It will be necessary to obtain medical evidence to assess your injuries. In the event that the injuries are straightforward we will obtain a medical report from a GP. Should your injuries be more complicated or further recommendations have been made, then we will make the appropriate arrangements for you at a location, date and time convenient for you.

The medicals are designed to confirm the nature of your injuries and the expected recovery time. We will look to arrange treatment with a physiotherapy if this is required. We will look to recover any travel expenses you incur attending these medicals as part of your claim.



Once the medical evidence has been finalised, we will look to value your claim alongside any associated losses which have incurred or you may incur relating to your injury. These may include :

  • Medication & Treatment

  • Loss of Earnings

  • Damaged property or belongings

  • Travel

  • Care and Assistance

  • Vehicle Damage resulting from the vehicle involved in the accident

Maximising your compensation is our promise in every case.



In all instances, once you have agreed the valuation of your claim and the out of pocket expenses, we will begin to seek settlement of your claim against the responsible party.

We shall notify you once the claim has been submitted to the other side and provide you with details of how your claim is progressing through the negotiation period.

We will look to seek the speediest and most cost effective way to get those you believe who are responsible for your personal injury to accept responsibility, agree the right level of compensation and settle your claim.

In some cases those responsible accept liability but we cannot agree the level of compensation to be paid within our initial offer, further negotiations will take place between ourselves and those responsible. Throughout the process we will keep you fully informed until a point where a level of compensation is agreed.  

If, despite all negotiations, responsibility is not admitted or a level of compensation cannot be agreed, we will have to consider commencing legal proceedings.  Rest assured we will not rest until you have negotiated the maximum compensation for your claim.  

Most Personal Injury cases do settle out of Court, but if liability is denied or a level of compensation cannot be agreed – and we believe your claim will be successful – we will take your case to Court.

We will handle all aspects of your claim but it will add time to the length of the claim and it may be necessary for you to attend Court. During this period we will continue to negotiate settlement of your claim. We will provide our continued support providing full advice, arrange representation and support you all the way through Court.


Once your claim has been finalised, those responsible will make a payment to settle your claim, normally within 14-21 days from the date of settlement.

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